Monday, July 25, 2011

The Beck Diet Solution, Day 3: Eat Sitting Down

Things are starting to come into focus for me now. I can see how I have been veering off of the path, both when it comes to the techniques I learned originally from Beck and also in following the Eat to Live plan.

Isn't it funny? I thought I was so on top of things, but now, as I go through this process I realize that I have completely forgotten a ton of things. Like this one: eat sitting down.

I eat standing up, while making dinner for my family. I eat sitting on my couch, so I can catch a moment to watch those reality shows that I am so addicted to. I eat driving in my car on the way to work, because how else would I be able to fit in drinking that green smoothie every morning? I eat levitating on my back . . . okay, well, you get the point.

I almost never eat sitting down. Except for lunch time on workdays. Then I sit down.

How's that working for me?

I can see that I am not even aware of all of the food that I am eating because I'm so focused on doing, doing, doing, a million other things all of the time. This has got to stop. Today. Even if it is just one bite.

Now that is serious.

I'm guessing sitting down while eating does not mean reading or using a electronic device while sitting down and eating! Beck also says that we need to set up a reminder system for this. I'm thinking of painting a blank wall in my kitchen with the words "SIT. EAT. RELAX. NOTHING ELSE."  Well, maybe I won't go that far.

Can you commit to eating sitting down?

Are you finding yourself resisting doing any of the Beck exercises or are you willingly opening up and letting the process unfold?

How will you remind yourself to do this?

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