Monday, June 15, 2015

Trying to stay positive

Something weird (and good) is happening to me...  I'm still egg fasting at the moment - over the weekend I added veg to dinner and ate some leftover sausage, feta and spinach frittata instead of following an egg fast recipe but stayed in the ball park - and yesterday I woke up totally uninterested in having breakfast. So I delayed eating till I was hungry - which didn't happen until lunchtime! Almost unheard of for me, I tend to generally eat all my meals unless I've stuffed myself at lunchtime. And this morning it happened again! I have been having a cup of 'bulletproof coffee' in the mornings to help get the high fat levels required by the egg fast diet, but I've done that every egg fast day but one and never before yesterday did it noticeably affect my appetite for breakfast. Although today I did have 2 babybels before lunch, possibly because I was more bored than yesterday rather than hungrier.
At lunchtime I went for my usual walk. My walking buddy is leaving the company in August - I'll have to find a way to motivate myself to keep it up on my own, as quite often I feel lazy but change my mind when I know I'll have company. I'm being renewed until the beginning of October so I'll be around a bit longer than he will.
I intended to train this morning I got as far as putting all my training gear on and getting on the climber, despite some early back pain, because I hoped it was just that I had stiffened up or slept funny last night. Almost immediately I was doubtful that was the case and I got off straight away as I don't want to hurt myself properly. The pain was on the left hand side of my back, just below the bottom edge of my shoulder blade, and it was really dreadful - particularly when I tried to turn and when I breathed in deeply. It did ease up on my own walk at lunchtime (possibly due to a combination of paracetamol and ibuprofen that I took as soon as I was confident the completely ineffective solpadeine was no longer in my system along with very gentle exercise and sunshine). So so so hoping tomorrow is a better day, I don't think my steroid injection expedition will be more pleasant in combination with a bad back...

Food today:
Breakfast: -
Lunch: egg mayo
Dinner:  egg drop soup
Snacks: cheese and one hard boiled egg. I confess to also nibbling a little gammon which is obviously illegal on the egg fast but not exactly heinous.

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