Friday, June 14, 2013

Blue skies

When I got up this morning (about 5:10am) the sky was blue! Honest it was! By the time I left the house it was a different story, in fact if I hadn't been standing up looking out the bedroom window earlier I might have thought I dreamed the whole thing. Wall to wall clouds - but at least no rain.
I went out at lunchtime planning a 2 mile round trip again - no matter what - and this time I made it, and even got 3.25 minutes of sun!
Three (3, yes, actually THREE!!!) different people brought cakes and stuff into the office to celebrate their birthdays today, and another for her last day at work. Type 2 Diabetes Central! People were walking around complaining about how much cake they'd eaten... hmm, seems to me there's a straightforward solution to that problem... It was reassuring for me, given the moaning about missing carbs that I was doing yesterday, to realise that I still wasn't tempted by them, although it probably helped that the things they brought in were mostly things I was never that fussed about anyway. Except the chocolate stuffed doughnuts, that hurt... Less positively I wanted to eat all morning, and by 11am I had already eaten my snacks for the whole day and the ham that was intended to be part of my lunch. I don't know why it was such a hungry day - I slept ok, I ate a reasonably sized dinner yesterday and my breakfast was no smaller than usual... But regardless, I was hungry!

After the ham and the walk I didn't want the rest of my planned lunch - a hard boiled egg and some avocado - so I just settled for some beef jerky instead. Even then I felt physically full but not satisfied - I hate that feeling, it seems so unhealthy to almost be trying to think of something else to cram in even though I'm not remotely hungry to satisfy what can only be a purely emotional / psychological wanting. Perhaps I was feeling left out of the monster cake-fest??? i didn�t cave in, though by the time I left at 4pm I was seriously considering the mini chocolate muffins just to see if it would get rid of that dissatisfied feeling. I got home and trained for 40 minutes, and strangely enough no longer wanted carbs � yay VersaClimber (still just wussing out on manual programs rather than the ones that come with the machine though). I was very very tempted not to train this evening, but very glad (afterwards) that I did.

Food today:
Experimental breakfast: 1 whole red pepper cut in half, drizzled with olive oil, roasted for 15 minutes, filled with snippets of cooked streaky bacon and an egg in each half, baked for another 20 minutes. It was good but I should have knocked 5 minutes off the cooking time for softer eggs and it's too long a business for a weekday really!
Lunch: pack of sliced ham & beef jerky
Dinner: Turkey Bolognese sauce on Courgette & carrot 'noodles'. And some whixky. Whiskey, I mean� less than a bottle, more than a shot�And some blueberries with single cream
Snacks: the meatballs I made from my meatloaf mix a few weeks ago and Babybel cheese.


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