Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mock Tuna Salad-Three Ways

I know I said I couldn't blog again for a while, but I lied.

I just had to get one last blog post in before we are off on another adventure, because this blog post is so important. If you love mayonnaise, your life is about to change.

I have never been a big consumer of mayonnaise, not because I didn't like the taste, but because I was well aware of the calorie and fat content. Lucky for us, Susan Voisen, author of the Fat Free Vegan blog, has created the most incredible, most outstanding, low calorie, low fat Vegan mayonnaise out of silken tofu, cashews, mustard, lemon juice, onion powder and salt. Susan's version is thick and creamy and tastes just like, well, mayonnaise. What a fun surprise!

I used Susan's tofu-cashew mayo this past weekend in two experiments I did with mock tuna salad. But I'm such a glutton, I had to try it three different ways-one with tempeh, one with chick peas and one with sunflower seeds. I have to say they were all excellent. I served them to a crowd of non-Vegans and each was a hit. Everyone was surprised at how tasty they were and that they were not actual tuna.

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