Friday, June 15, 2012

As American as Apple Pie

You guys are amazing and inspiring! Thank you again for all of your incredible input on The McDougall Plan. I'm reading a few pages a night and planning on giving many of their recipes a try over the weekend, along with some other exciting food experiements for Father's Day!

I did want to highlight one exceptional comment that was left on that post by none other than our beloved Chef AJ:

I just read the book on the way back from Ohio. (Columbus, not Cleveland). I thought it was well written and the only things I disagreed with is where he said you can't make food taste good without sugar or salt. I've been doing it for years. I love the research he provided about fat. After being a patient at True North it was explained to me that the reason I could not lose weight was because of the percentage of calories from fat in my diet. The minute I gave up nuts and seeds I lost 12 pounds effortlessly without suffering. This book explained scientifically why this was possible. That when you exceed your caloric need in fat calories it is immediately stored as fat. When you exceed it in calories from carbohydrate it is burned as heat. You can over consume by hundreds of calories from carbs and still lose weight. I think the best diet is the one you can follow. For me, it is a hybrid of Fuhrman, Esselstyn and McDougall. I take the best all three have to offer. Eat a ton of fruits and greens as per Fuhrman and Esslestyn, no processed foods, sugar or salt as per Fuhrman, but not afraid to eat oats, rice potatoes or sweet potatoes anymore either. Seems like the more of those I eat the thinner I get. I have more satisfaction eating this way than from nuts and seeds, and less fat on my body. I had my DHA levels tested and they are still fine. Still use a small amount of nuts or seeds in a few recipes, but am very mindful of the amount and don't use them everyday anymore. Love & Kale, Chef AJ

After my past month of travelling, I've got a few pounds to shed, so I'm pretty interested in what McDougall is promoting. I'm operating from home base and focused on cooking again and I'm pretty excited to give the McDougall ideas a try. I've got nothing to lose but some weight, right?

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