Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lentil Fest 2012

Lately I have been going crazy with lentils!

I used to dislike lentils and I'm hardly a fussy eater--if you disregard that I don't want to eat many foods, which is totally different than many foods don't taste good to me.

But lentils didn't used to taste good to me. Oddly enough, it was when I went plant-strong that all that changed. And now, I can hardly get enough of them.

From the black lentils in this Kale Salad to Dr. Fuhrman's Lentil Dal with Mango and on to Dr. McDougall's Sloppy Lentil Joes, I have been cooking with lentils at every opportunity. It's all been very, very delicious.
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