Thursday, August 29, 2013

A is for...

My back has been unbelievably painful today, I think maybe I slept on it funny and exacerbated the earlier problem. At one point I had taken pills, had the tens machine zapping me vigorously, and was rocking myself practically begging my upper back, shoulders and arms to stop hurting. Luckily the pills kicked in only a short eternity later, and I was able to work from home and the (relative) comfort of my sofa.
Work was a lot less tiresome without all the people - or maybe it was acting as a welcome distraction from the discomfort (and vice versa). I did overeat as usual when my routine is disrupted but I think I did ok at breaking the cycle before a binge got underway (I had a protein cookie and thought about going for another but didn't). As well as the back trouble I was expecting a delivery which was due between 8am and 4pm but hadn't come by 5pm. Or 5:30pm. Or 7pm. And still hasn't come. STILL. At least my Tesco order arrived within its delivery slot. After putting my groceries away I managed a slow and careful 1 mile walk, the only time I left the house all day apart from a trip to the bin store in the morning - the exciting life I lead, the glamour, the drama, the action...

Food today:
Breakfast: Paleo pancake with Greek yoghurt; scrambled egg
Lunch: vegetable soup and corned beef
Dinner: salmon poached in olive oil with salad. (Fish recipe on  http
:// ) Looked really bland and pallid but it was really quick and really easy and the salmon was moist and tender, so I'll do it again anyway... With other types of fish as well.
Snack: protein cookie and part of a protein muffin in a mug (I threw the rest away)

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