Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Whole30 day 23

I worked from home today, which as we all know brings its own set of challenges in terms of not going crazy with the food stuff�

I have only a week to go before the end of the Whole30 challenge (unless I was to decide to extend it � but Greek yoghurt is telling me not to Winking smileAnd cheese agrees.)

In the book the authors make the comment that �its only 30 days� to which I have frequently wanted to respond, �yeah but� it�s 30 days!!!� with no cheating. No breaks. No relaxations� But today, it actually does feel like it�s only 30 days� and now only 7 days� what could possibly be so difficult about that??? It�s kind of a nice feeling if I�m honest. Regardless of the above comments about my favourite dairy products I�m actually not feeling at all deprived right now. It probably won�t last all week, but for now it will do nicely. That�s not to claim I was angelic today, I wasn�t � but everything I ate & drank was on the list of acceptable or desirable foods.

I walked about 3.2 miles today, just on brief shopping trips into town at lunchtime and after work. This morning I walked in in heavy fog, this afternoon in brilliant (and hot) sunshine! I enjoyed the second walk more, I don�t like fog under any circumstances and was especially glad I didn�t have to drive to work in it today.

Food today:

Breakfast: Was gorgeous, though going in I had my doubts� Russian red kale saut�ed with garlic and one finely chopped rasher of bacon; I used refined coconut oil to saut� it because I�ve finally accepted the smell and flavour of the extra virgin kind is just too strong for my taste (I tried to like it, I really did�) and added a drizzle of water and a spot of cider vinegar to part steam it in as well. I then topped it with 2 poached eggs.
Lunch: chicken salad with homemade ranch dressing (I�ve never had real ranch dressing so can�t comment on how good at faking it this one is or isn�t, but it is nice) and some blackberries
Dinner: Rump steak pan fried with jicama fries (cooked this time) and salad dressed with the vinaigrette I made at the weekend.
Snack: Boiled gammon from a joint, cashew nuts and coconut flakes and some poached chicken

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