Monday, September 30, 2013

Whole30 day 27, 28, 29

I had a busy Saturday because I wanted to feel like I'd had a weekend even though I was working Sunday. First thing I headed off to Tesco for the weekly shop, went home & unpacked then got back in the car to head back to Hughendon and finish that woodland walk that defeated me a few weeks ago. I did, with the help of the more detailed map & instructions I found AFTER my last attempt (though this time I missed out a chunk of the bit I did last time - the instructions still weren't perfect!) I walked 4.11 miles, didn't go back into the house or gardens as I'd just been there, and instead went to a second NT property, Waddesdon Manor. This house is owned by the Rothschild family of massive wealth & fame, and is essentially a gigantic art gallery. The grounds are massive but I went into the house first and frankly it left me cold (too art gallery, not enough house) so I went home rather than walking the grounds. Everything was very lush and ornate, but really too much for my taste. It's the closest thing I can imagine in this country to the 'country cottages' in Newport, Rhode Island.
Saturday afternoon wasn't great. I lost my marbles slightly and got a bit tearful over the never ending house move saga. By tomorrow I expect to be telling you the house sale is off & we're back on the market...
On Sunday I worked about 3-4 hrs. while also doing a load of laundry, making a slow cooker batch of caramelized onions, and roasting a beef joint for lunches, snacks & dinner all week. Oh, and whipped up a batch of 'peanut sauce' - using almond butter - for Paleo stir fry / dipping purposes.
I followed that with a 4 mile walk (went to a farm shop and loaded myself up too much again - will I never learn???) Then watched some TV, made a batch of whole30 pesto, and cooked a lamb roast dinner for M, lamb with pesto vegetables for me.
I also ate an insane amount of hazelnut butter yesterday, I just can't buy any nut butters anymore...

Today I woke up early with a headache and a passionate wish to stay home. Unfortunately with less than a month of employment left I don't want to take time off and I had a fairly important meeting so couldn't work from home, so I dragged myself in anyway. I was glad I had (kind of) because a new pair of walking boots I'd ordered were delivered to the office today.
Someone brought cakes and things in to the office today and for once included grapes and strawberries so I could partake for a (nice) change.
At lunchtime I went for a walk, planning to do the two miles. It was cloudy and cool and not that pleasant and in the end I just went back to the office after 0.8 miles� I did however train on the climber after work.

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with veg and some cashews
Lunch: chicken veg soup & cold roast beef
Dinner: deconstructed pizza - a recipe from It Starts with Food. Cheese would have been nice on it�

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