Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Whole30 day 24

Still experimenting with making Paleo versions of things I would usually buy. Indeed, today I made a version of something I would usually buy for M � and not eat myself � tomato ketchup. M won�t eat it because it�s undeniably not the �real� thing � the recipe allows optional sweeteners but whole30 doesn�t so I left them out, with the result of a tangier version. It also seems runnier than I expected � another time I�d cut down on the water. Why did I make something I don�t usually eat? Because I�m weird Because I wanted to use my homemade mayo to make a seafood sauce, and couldn�t add commercial ketchup. I was snacking on prawns, and I�m bored of plain prawns (plus they�re really too low fat to have as is). So I blended up the ketchup, mixed it with the mayo, couldn�t add Worcestershire sauce / brandy � but I�m not convinced they make a massive difference in the quantities I would use anyway � and called it seafood sauce. Again, its tangier and more runny than the real thing � but a very tasty alternative to plain boring prawns!

I worked from home today again. Its dangerous for me to do that because its so much less stressful than being in the office I don�t want to go back after just one day Winking smile.

I intended to spend my lunch break on the climber but by lunch time I was so hungry I ate my lunch before remembering what I�d intended. So instead I went out for a not very long or taxing walk into town � M is home with man flu and I had to buy him some medicine. And some cashew nuts for me of course. I think I�m coming down with a cold as well, so I�m really happy about that. No, really� Although it might give me an excuse to stay home some more if I�m coughing up my lungs the way he is�

Food Today:

Breakfast: BLTA without the bread - bacon, tomato and avocado in lettuce leaf wraps
Lunch: Salad with tinned red salmon & chopped capers in my homemade mayo
Dinner: Bolognese with courgette noodles                                   Snacks: Prawns in seafood sauce, cashews

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