Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bring on the snow

Dreary weather did not stop me walking today, and yes, of course, I feel better for it. I didn't want to shop so I just explored somewhere I hadn't been before. It was fairly pleasant although also quite bleak, as you can see.

But just going somewhere a bit different was nice for a change. (you'd never guess the M4 is just the other side of those trees, would you?)
I'm feeling a bit less blah today so I think it was mostly TTOM yesterday. Not that that's over - I'm still retaining water and feeling gross, but the more general weeping for the world's woes is returning to a slightly more normal level - sympathy rather than despair sums it up I think.
I'm still sick of the rubbish weather though, and torn between not wanting snow because it's a pain and wanting snow so I can plead working from home on safety grounds... Yes, OK, mostly I want it to snow :-)
I'm still continuing with the desultory packing of stuff we won't need before the move.  Some boxes, but mostly black bin bags so far. And speaking of, does anyone know a foolproof way to open black bin bags, because the first few on the roll came open quite easily but I swear the last two weren't bags, just single sheets of plastic even though that can't be true. I ended up chucking them at the wall, which surprisingly also failed to open them.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with vegetables
Lunch: curried Cauliflower soup
Dinner: big salad with Paleo Carnitas
Snacks: yogurt, homemade pork rinds, fruit

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