Monday, February 23, 2015

Late Monday post

I meant to post yesterday as usual but wasn't feeling great - mainly more pain in my eye, plus a headache probably linked to that - so although I worked from home I didn't do anything else requiring computer use - reading or writing blogs. I also walked less than a mile and ate some chocolate to make myself feel better. Actually the thing that seems to help the eye feel better most effectively is whiskey, but for obvious reasons I can't really do that as much, so chocolate seems a better option. :-)
Anyway. My weekend was a total food crapfest with lots of carbs and a fair bit of gluten (I know, I know, what else is new...)  but also some planning and lots of walking and exploring the area.
Even though I had chocolate yesterday, I'm not letting the planning go to waste (once again I stuck to eating everything on the plan, I just added the garbage)

I have a meal plan for the week:

Monday: Roast Gammon with oven chips and sauerkraut
Tuesday: Chicken salad
Wednesday: Crispy chicken livers with salad
Thursday: Chicken adobo (thighs in slow cooker)
Friday: Pork tenderloin with Asian pb sauce, rice and veg
Saturday: Chicken salad
Sunday: Chicken roast dinner

Snacks also planned for the week: 150g per day of Greek yogurt; 50g of (bought) Brussels pate with veg

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