Thursday, April 16, 2015

My consultant wants to stick a needle in my eye

Luckily (?) the NHS won't let him (it's not a licenced use of the drug) and I'm not paying him thousands of pounds to do that right now so we settled for him injecting steroids around my eye instead as the swelling wasn't reduced by the eye drops and finger tingling pills and my vision in that eye is still crap. So in a month I'll be on an operating table again, but just for 2 minutes as he stabs me repeatedly with a hypodermic needle.
I swear my eye is out to get me. Apparently the side effects include eye droop and increased pressure inside the eye and I confidently expect to experience both. But he assured me it shouldn't blind me, so there's that.
So I worked from home the rest of the day and even though I expect nightmares about ginormous syringes tonight it was still less stressful than being in the office. I had to take the train to Reading as usual but since we moved house that's a bigger job than it used to be - I walked over 6 miles today. On the way I quite enjoyed it but coming back it was somewhat hellish as my dilated pupils objected strenuously to the sun light being so bright. I basically crossed the road repeatedly just to walk in the shade.
On the plus side unlike most of my past visits to the hospital - particularly the ones where he told me things I didn't want to hear - I did not comfort eat my way through the streets of Reading, and I didn't try to drown my sorrows when I got back either. In fact I felt completely in control of that side of things - it didn't even take any effort. That's HUGE for me and my binge switch.  Whether it will survive the actual procedure is another question...
Right now my Painkillers have worn off and my usual post eye exam headache is making itself felt so I need to turn off the light and lie in the dark a bit.

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with bacon
Lunch: one of my purple low carb rolls filled with ham and cheese
Dinner: homemade keto pizza according to this recipe
Snacks: Pork rinds, cheese

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