Friday, October 11, 2013

Binge :-(

So, no post yesterday because I had a stinking headache and was avoiding all computers. I'd been contacted by an agency the day before arranging a phone interview for a job working away and I guess I was stressed about it, because Wednesday night I got no sleep. So I didn't go to work, dosed myself with caffeine to get through the interview, then spent the day alternately resting - trying to nap - or taking short, slow walks to try to work the headache off before I ran out of energy. Not my favourite kind of day home from work!
Today I woke up feeling groggy from painkillers and medicinal whiskey, still knackered, but went back into work.
Yesterday was dry and fairly sunny with a strong cold breeze,so that every time I went out my head did feel clearer and I actually in total (across multiple attempts) walked about 5 miles I think. Today it was wet, cold and windy as I drove into the office, with more rain forecast, leaving me wondering why I got out of bed. The decider was probably realising I wouldn't want to go out in the horrible weather so I might as well get paid... Especially as this contract is nearly over and I might have a gap before being paid again...
Foodwise yesterday the meals were good bit the snacking not so much - as usual when I'm that lacking in energy I tried to eat energy, in the form of large quantities of cashew butter. Yes, I know I said I wasn't buying it any more. I was right to say that and wrong not to stick to it. But at the time it cheered me up, so I'm not (very) sorry...
This weekend my brother is planning to visit and we intend to go into London tomorrow. Of course the forecast is for heavy rain all day... Left to myself, and because I live in such a convenient place, I'd put it off until the weather was better but my brother lives much further away and works a funny shift pattern that rarely gives him weekends off, so when he has the chance he's taking it no matter what... He also firmly believes that 'there's no bad weather,just bad clothing choices' so we'll be tramping around in the rain... If its as bad as the forecasts say I may insist we get tube passes and don't walk everywhere as we usually do, since I'm such a delicate blossom... :-)

This afternoon I binged. I binged on chocolate and crisps, neither of which I should have touched. I don�t feel ill but I do feel regrets.. DON�T EAT THE FIRST BITE then you can�t binge�

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with vegetables
Lunch: curried pork & ham soup
Dinner: leftover Paleo Bolognese sauce over courgette noodles
Snack: 85% dark chocolate

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