Monday, March 30, 2015


I get up at 4:30 every morning, except of course today it was 3:30 according to my brain and body. It's not natural.
And then we drove to work before it was light - when just last week it was sunny by the time I got in.
So, I didn't walk before work because it wasn't quite light enough, hopefully that will change soon. I did however walk a couple of miles at lunchtime so the day wasn't wasted - although it was annoyingly sunny while I worked all morning and then cloudy by lunch :-(
By the time I left work it was raining again and we basically just snuggled down indoors for the evening, so two miles was it really - although my phone pedometer claims I did 3.5 which says something about how often I make a copy of tea or pop to the bathroom :-)

Food today:
Breakfast: Paleo 'oatmeal' of chia and flaxseed with cinnamon -  which I did not love
Lunch: homemade soup
Dinner: Kale & Cucumber salad with homemade keto ranch dressing and canned tuna
Snacks: homemade pork rinds; macadamia nuts

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