Thursday, July 25, 2013


No walk of any kind at lunch today - frustrating given that it was both cooler and less humid after torrential rain overnight, but I thought that I had to work through lunch and by the time everything went pear-shaped, meaning that I could have gone out, there was only 20 minutes before I had to go to a meeting. So that was pretty much that. As a result I decided to go for an after work walk instead of jumping on the climber - but that turned out less satisfying than I hoped because I only lasted one mile - it proved hotter than I expected once I got out there!!!! On the plus side I was really hungry when I got home but even though my pitiful one mile walk included a supermarket stop I didn�t snack AT ALL and instead just waited for dinner� a rare thing for me as I often do nibble a little bit while cooking (oops, I haven�t ever mentioned that in my food of the day have I? Cat out of the bag�.)

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs, scrambled with a small piece of bacon; strawberries
Lunch: salad with corned beef
Dinner: gammon steak with celeriac 'chips' and salad
Snacks: Babybel, pork rinds and that�s all honestly

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