Tuesday, July 30, 2013

No more migraine�

Well, finally not throwing up my guts anymore thank god, in fact feeling great day - just the relief of not feeling sick.
I actually did feel like walking at lunchtime today... Right up until I walked out of the office into the heavy mist of drizzle that would have drenched me in approximately 5 minutes. No, I don't carry an umbrella. I do usually have a waterproof jacket in the car but seemingly not today. So instead I went back indoors and read Protein Power by Michael R Eades & Mary Dan Eades - in hardback no less, as the book is not available on the kindle. I hardly remember how real books work, I'm so addicted to the kindle nowadays...
After walk I took a short, gentle walk. Nothing excessive because I figured I still had a little healing to do

(ok, that was an excuse... mostly ;-))

Food today:
Breakfast: one grilled sausage, 4 grilled mushrooms, a third of a yellow pepper (yep - also grilled)
Lunch: last night's leftovers - pork tenderloin - with a salad I bought because I was too lazy to make one myself
Dinner: big chicken salad
Snacks: beef jerky & walnuts

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