Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What a weakling�

After training on the climber last night I did 3 chin ups. Today lifting a cup of tea I can feel it... I'm not sure if that's
1) weak arms
2) heavy lump of body, or most likely
3) both the above... I need to remember to do them more often since its very clear how good for me they are. And 3 has been the most I can do in one session for ever because I don't do them often enough to get better / stronger.
This morning I was busy joining bloglovin'.com (thanks for the suggestion Betty!) and adding the blogs I read daily so I didn't try to fit in a pre-work walk. It was raining so I wouldn't have done anyway, mind you.
Once again the weather at lunchtime could best be described as dreary. Very warm, feeling damp and extremely overcast. I made some effort towards going for a walk, but I refuse to turn it into a chore and kill all the pleasure I get from it, so in the end it didn't happen... I did walk one whole mile after work though... and the second half was weighted due to the heavy heavy rucksack

Food today:

Breakfast: Bacon, avocado & egg salad
Lunch: salad with ham & hard boiled egg
Dinner: rotisserie chicken, coleslaw and salad
Snacks: pork scratching and Babybel cheese

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