Friday, July 5, 2013

I'm a low carb failure

Well, despite training and doing 9 chin ups last night I still didn't sleep well. I had no energy and no interest in self-control... I stopped at a Costa coffee shop on the way to work and as well as a latte I bought a nutty flapjack - and devoured it in my car. Then ate a protein cookie as well. And crisps later on. And I still felt knackered! I think I'm probably the worst low carber of all time... This week anyway. And today I actually ate more than 100g of carbohydrates... For the second time this week... (My target is 60g or less) I think I'll call it a carb cycling high carb day (even though I don't really carb cycle as I don't train enough to need it). I could claim victory in that I still only had one coffee despite my lack of energy but given that black coffee has no calories or carbs and the alternative energy boosts I chose ranged from bad to worst possible choices, I'm not going to kid myself that today was anything other than disastrous for my weight loss plans...
On the positive side I walked about 3 miles at lunchtime along the canal bank. It was hot - around 22-23 Celsius - but with a slightly cool breeze and there's a lot of shade so it was very pleasant. I went that way originally because there are no shops out there, so no chance to buy anything else I shouldn't eat (yes, unbelievably, I was tempted to!) but it turned out enjoyable in itself, so win win!

IMAG0923 IMAG0925

I also trained after work. It doesn't take away the overeating of carbs, but calorie wise I was within the maintenance calories calculated by WLR, so that was something anyway... (Only just mind you...)
Tomorrow should be better. In the afternoon I'm doing a speed awareness course due to a small problem with a heavy foot on the gas one Sunday a while back... I partly wish now I'd just taken the 3 points on my license, but I've booked it now... That's 4 hrs out of my weekend where I can't pig out. Sunday I'm planning to visit a National Trust property and take a packed lunch so I can stay in control.

Food today:
Breakfast: Greek yoghurt with strawberries, flax seeds & coconut flakes + flapjack
Lunch: chicken leg & salad
Dinner: Turkey pasta sauce with 'noodles' of courgette & pointed cabbage instead of pasta
Snacks: protein cookie and crisps

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