Thursday, July 11, 2013

Yesterday�s post� I binged

Mainlining coffee... And chocolate for breakfast

Yeah. Still knackered though last night was slightly better than the night before. Lots to do at work, so more coffee needed... I had to stop for petrol on the way to work and found myself adding a Wispa bar to the bill. Which I then ate while making a pot of coffee, thereby combining two of my favourite vices. I will confess that I almost didn't own up to it, but that's silly. So here goes again - I had 2 protein cookies at supper time yesterday as well. Obviously I'm not doing well at the low carb thing right now. I don't have any doubt that its the way I want to eat, for weight loss and for generally feeling healthy, but I'm so damned tired at the moment and I can't deny that when feeling that way I want carbs emotionally even though my mind - and body - know better. So I'm trying not to be too judgemental towards myself now as adding guilt and loathing to the mix won't help, and I'm still very much intending to go back to it as soon as I get my head straight. I just don't feel the same energy boost from fat as from carbs, and trying to force it seems to cause situations like 2 protein cookies not one... I mean, why 2? If I'd just been able to make myself wait 10 minutes after the first I don't think the second would have happened (see how I try to disclaim responsibility by talking as if the second one happened TO me rather than me unwrapping it and stuffing it into my own mouth there). To admit my responsibility further, lunchtime I absolutely binged.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs
Lunch: left over sloppy Joes turned into soup by the addition of beef stock, green beans, celery, spinach and mushrooms
Snacks: a boatload of crap

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