Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Last night I was so hot that after struggling to sleep for approximately an eon I gave up and played a bubble shooter game on the iPad for a couple of hours before reverting to lying in the dark praying for sleep. I had so little energy I had to take multiple coffees just to get the energy to leave the house. Even after 2 coffees and a pre-workout stimulant based on more caffeine I still really wanted to go back to bed...
At lunchtime I thought about going for a walk but I've been feeling self-conscious about walking in these high temperatures (plus its uncomfortable and therefore less enjoyable) so in the end I just stayed in the air conditioned office throughout the lunchtime period.
Then lay on the sofa during my designated training period after work.

My eating was 100% on plan - even tiredness didn't drive me, or tempt me, to the carbs, so maybe I did actually satisfy the cravings at the weekend rather than feeding the addiction. I lost 2.5lbs of not-true weight overnight, and felt a fair bit better on that account anyway.

Early night is called for. And if tonight is like last night, I will not be working tomorrow.

Food today:
Breakfast: hardboiled egg, avocado & bacon salad
Lunch: chicken & salad
Dinner: Roast mutton with broccoli
Snacks: pork rinds (spicy)

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