Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Crap day

I felt like complete crap today. I woke up at 1:30am freezing cold due to an overexcited portable air conditioning unit, I don't think it took hours to get back to sleep once I'd relocated to the less chilly spare room to thaw out, but I was up at 5am already feeling terrible and only feeling worse as the day wore on... Headache, gritty sore eyes, nausea and as much energy as a rock. I might need to hire someone to bash me over the head hard enough to knock me out for 8 hours tonight... I didn't have the energy for proper walk at lunchtime, beyond popping to the nearest shop for painkillers to get rid of the headache. All morning I was craving chocolate for the painkilling endorphins to cure my headache but luckily I didn't have any change for the vending machine. By the time I had change - after buying the painkillers - I managed to persuade myself to buy a snack pack of dried fruit instead - I know sugar is sugar, but at least it was combined with fibre and it wasn't refined or processed beyond drying. As soon as I ate it the nausea cleared right up.

I still didn�t feel well enough to bother training this evening� just laundry and other chores 

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with bacon
Lunch: duck salad
Dinner: sloppy Joes from Rob Wolf's excellent book The Paleo Solution (its flavoured with cocoa powder, how could I not?) on a bed of lettuce & tomatoes


Snacks: pork rinds and almonds; We Are Bear dried mango & pineapple.

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