Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday came round again already�

I thought I didn't have anything to post about today since I already noted you with a hundred thousand photos yesterday, but actually I did have a busy-ish weekend so I can still do a catch up!
Saturday morning was dull, I didn't want to go further than the supermarket in case I found a way to get stuck and miss my speed awareness course (it started at 12:15) so I really just hung around. The course itself was a lot better than I expected - not preachy, more interesting and more interactive rather than sitting through a 4 hour lecture. The presenter was good and it went quite fast. The only sad thing was that it was held in a holiday inn meeting room with no windows - and the weather outside was gorgeous.
After the course finished I trained then threw together a very quick meal.
On Sunday there was more hanging around until the NT see fit to open their properties. It was a half hour drive through some lovely little villages in Hampshire. I wanted to go on to a second property while I was already over that way but as I got into the car there was a traffic bulletin on telling me that a lot of the roads in the area were at a standstill so I decided against it. Instead I went home,stayed indoors hiding from the heat, and we started (and abandoned) a couple of movies - Apollo 18 and Resident Evil: Retribution.
At dinner time I absolutely ignored the ambient temperature to try a couple of firsts for me - I roasted a tiny rolled breast of mutton I bought at the Reading farmers market, and I also spatchcocked and roast a chicken (I've previously bought a spatchcocked chicken to roast, but this time was back to the beginning). We taste tested the mutton before I froze it to use another time and had the chicken for dinner. I did feel the shorter cooking time allowed it to stay juicier so I'll do that again pretty soon - I have another 2 whole chickens in the freezer, and I plan to use the carcasses to make stock as soon as they're cooked and dismembered.
Today was less interesting all round. Work = dull (I may have mentioned before). At lunchtime I walked to the supermarket - 2 miles round trip. It took a full hour with the shopping because it was far too hot to walk at speed.
After work I wanted to force myself to train for forty minutes as per usual. I'm getting better at using the climber now I've been doing it more often. I still don't like it as much as I liked the elliptical I used to use though. As I was very tired after waking up at 3am this morning I didn't make it. It�s a shame because if I still had access to the elliptical I might have. Ah well, I guess I have to accept what I have to work with�

Food today: NO CHOCOLATE OR REFINED CARBS � and no temptation. Possibly because I upped the fat to compensate while I�m readjusting.
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with bacon, a little cheese and some slices of pickled jalapeno
Lunch: chicken salad
Dinner: Chicken salad
Snacks: beef jerky and nuts

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