Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I hate Google

How can they take Reader away??? Anyone got any recommendations for a replacement please?

Yesterday was a real struggle for me because I was just so lacking on energy. Of course eating chocolate didn't help - or not for more than a few minutes anyway. This morning I still didn't want to get out of bed or go to work, and I wasn't quite able to stick to my lower caffeine target of just the one cup of coffee. Only had 2 though! Apart from that I felt more myself though, which was a pleasant relief after all the cravings yesterday.
No chocolate today! No pre-work walk either as in addition to being tired I was also busy. At lunchtime I went out for a short stroll - it definitely didn't qualify as exercise - and then after work I did go on the climber to get my blood pumping - and the sweat pouring! As always it made me feel better than any amount of resting but sometimes just walking up the stairs is too much effort to even be able to face trying to do more...

Added to continued stress about the never-selling house, M is planning to get a motorbike. I hate and fear the things and I�m dreading the amount of time I�m going to spend worrying about him when he�s out on the thing. He started the training on Sunday and he�s up to his neck in reviews of the gear and the bikes he likes� I see his point when it comes to commuting around here but he�ll never get me on the pillion, that�s for sure�

Food today:

Breakfast: Bacon & eggs
Lunch: beef and mushroom soup - home made to use up leftovers and dried mushrooms
Dinner: pan fried faggots with leeks & cabbage sauteed with bacon
Snacks: Greek yoghurt with a very small amount of honey, cashews, jerky

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