Friday, July 12, 2013


Well, I'm still struggling with the carbs today bit less so - I think I'm working back to doing ok. I wanted to say thanks for your lovely comment on my last post Deniz - you did make me feel better! I don't think my tiredness is due to a health problem per se, its just lack of sleep (that's not as patronizing as it may sound - stay with me). I've always slept badly - any unexpected sound wakes me up with a jolt of adrenaline that keeps me awake for ages (but if I use ear plugs I stress over the possibility of not hearing my alarm), if I'm tense, stressed, depressed, hungry or excited I can't sleep, I don't tolerate extremes of temperature very well... Basically a decent nights sleep is more surprising than a bad night. In the past though, one - two weeks of bad sleep would be followed by a night where I might get up to 12 hours heavy sleep (once it was nearly 15) and actually feel better, and this time round that hasn't happened. Anyone got a spare isolation / flotation tank I can borrow? Just for one night... I'll pay you money or pieces of my body for it, there's several I'm not really using...

I have a really busy weekend ahead of me too, so I could really do without feeling so mixed up and out of control. My father in law arrived for the weekend today, and my brother's getting here tomorrow morning, so that the three of us can do the charity walk in London I mentioned a while back. That's going to mean being on my best (barely adequate) hostessly behavior for several days; lunch out in Reading for the 4 of us tomorrow; a local walk for me, FiL & brother after lunch; the proper walk starts at 11:30 on Sunday, and will be followed by a late lunch out in London and possibly but not definitely a little sightseeing (that will be based on the weather - forecast to be very very hot and the state of our feet), and on Monday M & I have lunch reservations at Gordon Ramsey's Petrus so it will be back into London for us. Just thinking about it all is tiring!!! Now do you see why I'm eating chocolate??? This weekend is going to be a carbohydrate holiday, because its too much effort to be low carb with this much going on, then it will all be out of my emotional system and I�ll be glad to get back to it!
PS if anyone comments to say they do all that and more every weekend, twice on Bank Holidays, I may just have to hunt you down and sit on you. While eating a chocolate doughnut.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled egg + egg whites with farmers market lamb sausages
Lunch: ham and an apple
Dinner: homemade chicken & spinach curry with brown rice � yes real rice!
Snacks: chocolate choux bun(s) - at least that's the only massive hitch today!

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