Thursday, July 4, 2013

Stop telling me how important a good night's sleep is...

I'm sick of hearing how I'm likely to be obese / stressed / have heart problems / be depressed / destroy the world if I don't get at least 7 hours sleep at night. In fact worrying about all the health, mental health and social problems I'm going to suffer if I don't sleep well is keeping me up at night... Ok, not really, but its not like I'm missing sleep because I'm partying till dawn 5 nights a week... No, I'm lying awake at 3am praying to get back to sleep.... Like I was this morning, damn it!! I'm so fed up of this, I really am. Not only did I have no energy for anything useful this morning, but while emptying the dishwasher I managed to drop a glass salad dressing bottle onto the tiled floor, where it shattered hard enough to send shards EVERYWHERE including cutting my leg, which then bled on the sandals I was wearing :-( I'm always clumsy, but knackered I'm worse...
At lunchtime I actually managed a walk, just over 2 miles. It wasn't bad, but it was sticky and humid without actual sun, so it could have been better I just walked out towards the farm shop I like but didn't go in, as I didn't want to actually spend any money.

After work I went on the climber for 40 minutes and bordered on enjoying it if that can ever be said about an exercise machine. I hope it will tire me out enough for a decent night�s sleep tonight � I�m sure you do too since it might reduce the moaning tomorrow�

Food today:

Breakfast: Greek yoghurt with strawberries and cashews
Lunch: Bacon, avocado & egg salad
Dinner: curried chicken livers with cauliflower rice & salad � bloody gorgeous!
Snacks: beef jerky and Babybel cheese

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