Friday, July 26, 2013


This morning I was weirdly hungry yet uninterested in food - the food I had in the house, anyway. The second (or maybe third) time I opened the fridge in search of inspiration I decided to just eat left overs since that was easy and they were ready to go. Unfortunately my hungriness lasted all morning and in addition to eating all my planned snacks by 9am I ended up buying a bag of nuts just to get through to lunchtime. After lunch my appetite did a complete 180 and I actually felt somewhat stuffed most of the afternoon. The main thing was that I didn't need more carbs - of course nuts do contain carbs, but my overall carb count for the day was well within my target range despite adding an extra snack.
Another attempt at enjoying the cooler weather by going for walks today. At lunchtime I managed a happy 2.2 miles without being uncomfortably - or antisocially - sweaty, in fact I really enjoyed it.
After work I went out again, 3 miles this time,mainly striking out across local fields away from the roads. If only it could always be that way....
Food today:
Breakfast: cold bacon, small cold lamb chop, one slice of corned beef
Lunch: home-made (also leftover) mushroom soup
Dinner: bag of cashews and (too much) wine... Then a protein cookie. But I figure being slightly pissed explains/excuses that...
Snacks: Tesco snacking cheese - 20g of chilli cheddar, beef jerky and the nuts.

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