Sunday, July 7, 2013

The National Trust and a million photos again

Today I went to my second NT property � travelling into Hampshire to the West Green House Garden. I wanted to find somewhere nice for a long weekend walk, and in that I failed as the property isn�t large enough for that; but I think you�ll agree that it was certainly someplace nice! A lot of the flowers were a little past their best, and I�d like to go back earlier next year to see them at their peak � but even so it was glorious! A lot of my pictures turned out poorly because the sun was so bright, and in retrospect the fact that I couldn�t walk as far as I�d hoped may not have been such a bad thing given how hot it was. Like most NT houses and gardens it doesn�t open until 11 am, which meant I was there at the hottest time of the day.

IMAG0928 IMAG0947 IMAG0975  IMAG0977 IMAG0978 IMAG0981  IMAG0984 IMAG0989 IMAG0990  IMAG0992 IMAG1004 IMAG1008 IMAG1042 IMAG1048 IMAG1064 IMAG1065 IMAG1075 IMAG1094 IMAG1100  IMAG1103 IMAG1106

I have to confess that I went in the tea room and with my fairly innocent cafetiere of coffee I �accidentally� had a gluten free chocolate brownie. At least it was gluten free� I�m now back to the low carb diet and not allowing any exceptions until the 15th, when I am going for a luxury tasting menu with M courtesy of a birthday present. So I will NOT be eating any refined carbs for the next week � and that�s a promise!!!

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