Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Ok it's not a massive calamity, it's just really annoying... When I went to the hospital last week she referred me to a special retina clinic. When they made me my appointment, it was with the general eye clinic, the one that had already run out of ideas and had nothing more to offer me... Of course that was only realized after I'd arranged to work from home, dragged myself in to Reading, registered at reception and waited 15 minutes... For nothing.  Except the chance to book an appointment with the right clinic for tomorrow so I can repeat the whole process again - hopefully more productively.  I'm so glad I'm working for a company that knows I'm not just taking the Mickey with all this... I know this is a really tiny screw up in the scheme of things (Diane, I know you & James would have been delighted if that was the worst screw up you suffered at the hands of the NHS) but even so - Aarrgh!

The day wasn't going great even before this stupid screw up. I wasn't feeling at all bad this morning - positively human in fact - but then I couldn't stop eating all morning (only foods on my allowed list, but in decidedly un-allowed quantities). I was hungry, hungry, hungry...

And then depressed again because of the pigging out. My 4 miles walked (in the sun!) helped a bit, but my mood stayed distinctly shaky for the rest of the day just the same.

Food today:
Breakfast: green smoothie - half an avocado, half a banana, coconut milk, 4 large strawberries & 2 big handfuls of spinach. I just didn't want eggs :-)
Lunch: 'split pea' soup and some roast chicken
Dinner: chicken leg with roast vegetables & salsa verde
Snacks: almonds, toasted coconut, half an avocado with Himalayan pink salt and black pepper. That doesn't sound bad because of the deliberately hidden quantities...

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