Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cluck cluck cluck

Me = chicken.

This morning I looked at the scales and was too wimpy to stand on them. I know I feel heavy and my clothes appear to have shrunk in the wash over Christmas � all of them or at least all the ones that have waist bands.

So the massive clich� of having a New Year�s Resolution� one I actually intend to stick to though � so that�s a bit novel. I WILL LOST WEIGHT. AND EAT LOW CARB. AND TRAIN.

So there.

I�m doing better with the food now that New Year is out of the way. I admit that we�ve been going down the �use it up before being good� train rather than the �get rid of it because its bad for you� train but I bought so little that even including the gifts we got in the chocolate line there wasn�t a lot of scope for evil there. The booze bought in for people visiting has been another matter but now I�m sick of it and how it makes me feel so that�s stopping too. I hope that the high carb nature of my eating over Christmas caused some water retention and bloating that will disappear fairly quickly not that I�m not doing that any more (hello scrambled eggs for breakfast� every day) but we�ll have to see. I plan to weigh myself on Sunday as the official start point so if I don�t post for the next month you�ll know exactly has well that went�

I�m also reading more motivational books and watching the plethora of diet shows that appear on TV this time of year  to help get myself started. I�m currently reading The Calorie Myth by Jonathan Bailor � only just started it so its too soon to comment. (Diane I haven�t watched the show you mentioned in your comment yet but I did record it and plan to watch to today along with any others I can find.)

I also want to be a lot more consistent with filling in my food diary on and keeping this blog updated. So much as I don�t want to and would rather hide it when I weigh on Sunday�. I�m going to fess up and tell you what the bastard scales say�

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