Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Veg Cookbook Club, Happy Herbivore Light & Lean and The Eat to Live Cookbook Project

It's so cold outside, but I've got a warm heart for something I just discovered.

While relaxing on vacation, I played around quite a bit with Instagram. Being a person who enjoys editing photographs, up until now, Instagram has just been a way for me to have fun with photos and my phone. I upload the edited photos onto Instagram because that was the only way to save them. I used some of the photos in my blogging, and that was that.

I never knew that Instagram could be a community.

But what I discovered last week was a group of people all cooking out of one Vegan cookbook author's recipes, sharing their photos, tips and reviews on Instagram.

It all originates from this website: Veg Cookbook Club. Every month a new Vegan cookbook author is chosen and everyone who wants to participate can follow along. It's a version of what I attempt to do with The Eat to Live Cookbook Project, but it rotates every month.

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